FAQs on Propecia

Can you take Propecia even if you do not suffer from male pattern baldness?

No, you are not supposed to take Propecia pills if you are not having baldness problem.

Is it possible to treat Female pattern baldness with Propecia?

Propecia is only approved for male pattern baldness. If a female takes it there are chances that it would affect the fetus or child if in case she is pregnant. So, females should not take Propecia.

How many months should you take Propecia to see visible hair growth?

It takes at least three months of time for a man to improve the growth of hair. However, this span would vary from one person to another.

Can all men get hair growth while Propecia is taken?

No, not all men who take Propecia medication would be able to get effectiveness from the problem of male pattern baldness. However, the success rate of the medication is 75%.

What would happen if you skip taking Propecia pills?

When you do not take the medication properly then it is not possible for you to achieve proper hair growth. The level of drug in the body should be constant for better prevention of hair loss.

What would be the dosage strength of Propecia?

In general, the Propecia medication would be instructed to be taken with the dosage strength of 1mg for treating hair loss in a man.

What should a woman do if she accidently comes in contact with Propecia pills?

The Propecia medication is one of the pills used in the interaction with the male sex hormone and it would be coated properly. However, a woman needs to wash the hand or any part of the body that came in contact with the pill. Never handle Propecia medication with bare hands. This is the same for the children too. Only a man can take the pill from the blister pack for usage.