How bad is it to miss a week of Propecia medication?

Relax! The first and foremost thing that you should do when you miss your dose for sometime due to any reason is to not get into a panic state and just RELAX! Specifically talking about Propecia, there are no chronic effects, if you it miss a week. This may depend on your body type. But, there are some biological facts and aspects that determine this, let’s discuss them as we go.

What happens inside your body when you skip propecia for a week?

missing your propecia medicationIn humans, the mechanism of action of finasteride(the magical ingredient in Propecia) is based on its capability to inhibit type II isozyme on a preferential basis. In men with a pattern of hair loss, the scalp copious with thin hair is a result of shrunken hair follicles and a higher concentration of DHT compared to a person with a hairy scalp. The magical ingredient, i.e., finasteride present in propecia decreases the concentration of DHT in the bald scalp, and eventually the hair starts growing. But, what if this dosage of propecia is stopped for about a week? When the administration of propecia is stopped, there is no a sudden rise in the concentration of DHT that inhibit the growth of hair in that region. The amount of DHT increases, but in a slow and steady manner. So, if you miss a dosage, then do not worry, your hair will not start falling right away! The growth will remain for some time, and may eventually fall, if you do not resume your dosage.

Resuming the use of propecia after skipping it for a week

The good news is that there will be no sudden sign of hair loss, and this shiny black hair will remain there for a good amount of time. Scientifically speaking, the hair that grew back after you started taking Propecia medication, will not fall for about a year. The results will be preserved for a year and you can resume taking the medication under this period of time. If you start taking it after a year has passed, you may start noticing bald spots on your scalp again. But, then we are talking about resuming propecia dosage after a week. This clearly proves that nothing substantial will happen if you miss a week’s dosage. You should start popping propecia again according to the nearest dosage time. If you are not far away from the previous dosage time, pop a pill immediately. If you do not remember, wait for the next dosage time and then take the propecia.

What not to do after you skip propecia week

You should NEVER OVERDOSE. Even if you miss your regular dosage, there is no need to overdose afterwards. Overdosing on propecia will just worsen the situation and may inhibit growth. Do not stress yourself after missing your dosage. As stated, there is no sizeable damage caused when you skim over a week. So there is no need to take in a plethora of these pills and place your health in jeopardy.Just start taking your course of propecia againn and you’ll be able to retain thathealthy hair for a long stretch of time.