What is the 12 Month Promise of Propecia?

12 months promise of PropeciaThe hair loss treatment sector of medicine is of a very strange type. Many companies show off their products by making very promising claims, but, after the consumer has bought the medicine, the companies have trapped him inside their treacherous shelters and there is not much that he can do. Many pharmaceutical companies offer “Money Back” guarantees on their products, most of which are bogus. Therefore, many people lose hope and they get tired for trying to regenerate their lost hair. Due to this, those people are not able to follow the proper method that might have been successful in helping them. People are advised to get Propecia online, so as to get the best information on the pill. The best way to fight a bald head is to stick to a working medicine before most of the crop is gone. This wonder drug “Propecia” claims to do this. Propecia has proved to bring back the hair of a lot of ambitious people.

The Wonder drug Propecia

Propecia pills have worked for the majority of people who have used it to treat their baldness. So, the people at Propecia devised a way to attract a larger crowd. They thought of a technique, which has proven to attract a lot of customers by simply adding three magical words to the description of their product, which are – ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Yes, you heard it right. Merck and Company Inc., the makers of Propecia, are now offering a 12-month money back guarantee on their product. The drug has been recommended by the AHLA and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, the world’s foremost consumer hair transplant organization.By playing this card, the company is trying to get more customers, as well as trying to prove to their customers, that they are the best in this field, thus making Propecia medication a worthy one.
They are proposing a simple thing. If you had regularly used Propecia medication for 12 months and if you did not find any improvement or changes in your hair after the treatment, they’ll give you a full refund of your purchase price, deleting any rebate you received.

The mighty details of Propecia you need to know

The program covers males, who are above 18 years of age, who have been using Propecia medication for 12 months to treat their hair loss condition. Remember that you’ll receive the refund, only if you have been using this drug for at least 12 months or more. They are kind of strict about this deadline, and will not entertain any requests that are made before the completion of 12 months. If you had taken Propecia pills for 12 months and still there are no hair in the vertex and in the anterior mid-scalp of your head, then you are fully eligible to get a no questions asked refund.It is to be noted that refunds will only be given to you, if you complete the entire 12 months of therapy (purchase of 360 tablets of Finasteride) within a 12 month period. Your doctor’s signature is required to verify a purchase and to get your full refund.