Propecia Sexual Side Effects

propecias sexual side effectIf you are not able to get an erection, then the medication you are taking should be noticed. FDA has just warned everyone that the hair loss treating medication Propecia, might lead to infertility. Propecia is a drug that used to cause a loss of sexual desire and would be lacking interest in sex and it would sometimes lead to ejaculation inability when you use this drug for a very long time or when the drug is withdrawn. This has been found by various researchers that the finasteride ingredient in this medication would cause erection problem. It is also found that this sexual side effect would be a permanent problem and it is difficult to cure in certain cases. The side effect that exists more than 3 months is said to be persistent.

How Propecia affects your sexual health?

Propecia drug is generally utilized as a part of the medicinal administration to treat male pattern baldness. Finasteride, the key component in Propecia pills, dynamically fixes and adequately obstructs the hormone in charge of the regular hereditary type of male pattern baldness. An expanding number of men have approached to grumble of unsatisfying sexual reactions subsequent to taking Propecia, including decreased libido, erectile brokenness, poor semen quality, trouble in achieving an orgasm, and lessened sperm count. Numerous people have reported perpetual or durable sexual issues that have been proceeded for a very long period of time when stopping the treatment.
These difficulties can likely be attributed to Propecia’s concealment of DHT, a hormone that assumes an essential part of erectile physiology. While bringing down the body’s levels of DHT may adjust balding, issues emerge on the grounds that this sex hormone is vital for keeping up the basic erectile functioning of nerves, smooth muscle, connective tissue and flagging pathways in the penis.

Major Sexual side effects when taking Propecia:

Loss of libido and ejaculatory disorder. Loss of libido is a loss of sexual desire that is caused when a person suddenly stops taking Propecia. It is found that 5 percent of the men who are taking this medication will experience the loss of libido. The average duration of the side effects caused by sexual side effects is said to last for nearly 40 months. Only a few people would be affected by this problem, but when affected it would be devastating their life. This problem could threaten the relationship with their partner and they would be having a severe emotional toll.
Ejaculation disorder is another side effect that is usually caused when you get Propecia. This disorder would range from premature to delayed ejaculation and finally to a complete inability of ejaculation. Four percent of men are found to experience this problem when they take hair loss treating medication, Propecia.