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Regardless of the gender, hair fall can cause much distress and at times lead to anxiety and low self-confidence. Almost all men at some point in their life experience some form of hair loss. Although hair loss generally happens to men above the age of 40, of late men in their early 20s are inching towards premature balding, say the experts.

Leading causes of hair loss in men

Hair fall of up to 50 to 100 strands of hair per day is considered quite normal and when this number significantly increases, that’s a sign of hair loss.  Many times, dealing with hair-loss may lead to other conditions such as anxiety. In such cases, an individual can learn various natural remedies for anxiety and employ them in their life, to be free from these mental ailments

Lifestyle changes

Changes in lifestyle have a significant role to play in causing hair fall. Particularly for younger men, the hair loss can be attributed to the way they live their life. Habits that contribute to hair fall include excessive smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy food. So now you have one more reason to stay away from these toxic habits. Moreover, in modern times, adolescent males are subjected to high levels of stress which can also be a reason for hair fall.


hair care portalGenetics is the main culprit that causes baldness in men which are called as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. If your hair loss usually follows a receding pattern and commences with thinning of hair then it is called as male pattern baldness. This type of baldness is more common in older men. Typically almost 50% men experience male pattern baldness.If your baldness is the resultant effect of consuming pills to treat high blood pressure condition, abstain from taking such medications treat high blood pressure condition, abstain from taking such medications.

One type of male pattern baldness first starts by thinning of hair around the temples and spreads backward claiming most of the hair on the sides and back area of the head. The second type of male pattern baldness is characterized as loss of hair in the vertex or the crown of the head. This type of baldness spreads outward circularly. The third type is general thinning over the mid-frontal area of the scalp. Male pattern baldness accounts for 95 % of all hair loss cases.

Male pattern baldness happens because the sac-like hair follicles on the scalp are sensitive to a certain enzyme called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) produced in the body. Due to the effect of DHT, slowly the follicles start to shrink in size leading to thinning of hair. Eventually, the follicle stops performing its function and the hair stops growing altogether. Male hormones are actively involved in inducing these changes in the hair follicles. However, even with the baldness genes, there are ways you can combat hair loss and you don’t have to just accept your condition. Sometimes chronic stress can also trigger hair fall.

Other causes

Just because the male pattern is the most common cause in men, doesn’t mean you suffer from it. Sometimes you can also start to lose your hair due to food poisoning or by using any expired hair products. This type of hair loss usually subsides after you terminate the cause. So prior to treating hair loss it is important to know the reason for your hair loss.

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